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We welcome our new country partner for Malaysia

KTV Working Drone is excited to announce the establishment of a new country partnership agreement for Malaysia. This agreement shows our dedication to expanding and strengthening our operations and presence all over the world.

Malaysia has taken significant steps to promote drone technology. The Malaysian Drone Technology Action Plan 2022-2030 (MDTAP30) is being developed as a national agenda to support the drone ecosystem. The Prime Minister also aims to enhance efficiency in drone registration and boost the industry’s growth.

Professional and industrial use of drones and drone technology in Malaysia has seen significant growth across various sectors the recent years. The integration of drones in the fields of agriculture, construction industry, environmental sector, law enforcement, delivery and logistics sector and more, underscores Malaysia’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement.

KTV Working Drone is very excited to take part of the development in Malaysia and we are looking forward to the start up in 2024.