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We welcome our new country partner for Singapore

KTV Working Drone

We are happy to announce that we have signed a new country partner agreement for Singapore. The agreement covers the development of KTV Working Drone operations in Singapore. Singapore has embraced drone technology to enhance various sectors and industries. From aerial surveillance to monitoring traffic congestion, to surveillance and disaster management, drones play an important […]

KTV Working Drone Chile performed a demo for Enex in Chile

KTV Working Drone

The video shows window and facade cleaning performed by KTV Working Drone on the beautiful Enex building in Santiago Chile. Jorge Contreras in KTV Working Drone Chile says we thank Enex for their trust in the service provided. We hope to continue working together, generating alliances that allow us to fly high and safe in […]

KTV Working Drone achieves high scores on the DGNB sustainability evaluation

KTV Working Drone

Following KTV Working Drone Denmark request from Ramboll, asking if we work in accordance with the DGNB certification, we hired the Danish firm and DGNB consultants Brade Consulting to evaluate our methods and make a report comparing five different cleaning methods. The DGNB certification is a sustainability certification for buildings that considers three equally important […]

Watch KTV Working Drone in action

KTV Working Drone

The video shows KTV Working Drone in action, cleaning a high-rise building that is 50 meters tall. The method we have developed ensures that the drone is secured from the roof. The roof anchoring system ensures that the drone does not pose a safety risk to individuals or other traffic in or around the work […]

Facade and window cleaning in Oslo

KTV Working Drone

Our Oslo branch recently performed facade and window cleaning using KTV Working Drone for Eiendomsspar on one of their beautiful properties in Oslo. Eiendomsspar is one of Norway’s leading real estate companies, known for the high quality of their properties and prime locations throughout the country. KTV Working Drone Oslo covers the areas and demand […]

Norway signs first subfranchise agreement

KTV Working Drone

KTV Working Drone Norway leads the way ahead of the other country partners, as expected as they were the first company in operational activity. Demand is high throughout Norway, and to ensure local anchoring and offerings, an agreement has been signed with a sub-franchise partner covering 1/3 of Norway in the south and east. KTV […]

KTV Working Drone signs country partner agreement for Spain

KTV Working Drone Spain

Bienvenido (welcome) to our new country partner for Spain. The partner agreement covers the development of KTV Working Drone operations in Spain. Drone technology in Spain has been continuously developing in recent years, and is now being used in a variety of different sectors. The Spanish authorities have introduced strict regulations for the use of drones, […]

Facade and window cleaning with KTV Working Drone

KTV Working Drone

Fortunately, spring is not far away, and even though the thermometer currently shows 6 degrees below zero, we were recently lucky enough to have a week where we could clean facades and windows with the KTV Working Drone. We had two drone teams working simultaneously, cleaning a total of 16 buildings. They used the SelfCleaner […]

The world’s first drone cleaning an airport

KTV Working Drone cleaning airport

This week, KTV Working Drone became the world’s first drone to clean an airport. The location was Bergen Airport Flesland in Norway, and the job was cleaning the airport’s large glass facade. The job had to be done at night as consideration had to be given to traffic, travelers, and especially Bergen Light Rail that […]

KTV Working Drone performs window cleaning on one of Bergen’s tallest buildings

Entra, one of Norway’s largest and leading property companies, needed window cleaning of its beautiful glass building at Nonnesetergaten 4 in Bergen, Norway. We are very pleased to have been given this task and to be able to carry it out with KTV Working Drone. The video shows footage from the job. During the job, […]