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First gondola in the world cleaned by a drone

KTV Working Drone

KTV Working Drone cleaned the gondola Romsdalsgondolen and the magnificent Eggen Restaurant located on the top of the Nesaksla mountain in Åndalsnes in Norway. This marks the first gondola in the world to be cleaned by a drone, and we are proud that KTV Working Drone once again demonstrates that there are few limitations to […]

Drone cleaning of the unique hotel Scandic Seilet in Molde Norway

KTV Working Drone Scandic Seilet

KTV Working Drone performed facade and window cleaning of the unique Scandic Seilet hotel in Molde. We carried out the cleaning in spectacular surroundings, and the job attracted great attention with eager spectators and national media present to document the event. The hotel, with its truly special and impressive architecture, has become a landmark in […]

KTV Working Drone cleaning Marvel Stadium in Australia

KTV Working Drone Australia, Marvel Stadium. Image

KTV Working Drone Australia is up and running and is getting huge interest. The video shows KTV Working Drone cleaning the amazing Marvel Stadium in Melbourne Australia. Kennet Nilsen, the founder of KTV Working Drone, was in Australia when the job was performed, and he is also in the video.

KTV Working Drone Croatia cleaning Hilton Hotel in Zagreb

KTV Working Drone cleaning Hilton Croatia. Photo

The video shows KTV Working Drone Croatia cleaning the windows of the world-famous Hilton Hotel, located in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. The beautiful hotel is completely covered in glass, and KTV Working Drone carried out the job flawlessly and to the client’s satisfaction. The roof anchoring system ensures that the drone does not pose […]

Cleaning a 112 meter high-rise building in Oslo Norway

Drone cleaning building

KTV Working Drone is the only company that has developed cleaning technology and safe methods for drones to clean facades in cities. The video shows the start of cleaning a 112 meter high-rise building in the middle of Norway’s largest city Oslo. Cities have a more complex ‘drone work environment’ with challenging turbulence, frequencies and […]

We welcome our new country partner for Singapore

KTV Working Drone

We are happy to announce that we have signed a new country partner agreement for Singapore. The agreement covers the development of KTV Working Drone operations in Singapore. Singapore has embraced drone technology to enhance various sectors and industries. From aerial surveillance to monitoring traffic congestion, to surveillance and disaster management, drones play an important […]

KTV Working Drone achieves high scores on the DGNB sustainability evaluation

KTV Working Drone

Following KTV Working Drone Denmark request from Ramboll, asking if we work in accordance with the DGNB certification, we hired the Danish firm and DGNB consultants Brade Consulting to evaluate our methods and make a report comparing five different cleaning methods. The DGNB certification is a sustainability certification for buildings that considers three equally important […]

Watch KTV Working Drone in action

KTV Working Drone

The video shows KTV Working Drone in action, cleaning a high-rise building that is 50 meters tall. The method we have developed ensures that the drone is secured from the roof. The roof anchoring system ensures that the drone does not pose a safety risk to individuals or other traffic in or around the work […]

Algae treatment and facade cleaning with KTV Working Drone Denmark

KTV Working Drone

KTV Working Drone Denmark performed algae treatment and facade cleaning of over 11,000 m2 for Nilpeter A/S in Denmark last weekend. Nilpeter was looking for a solution that prioritized safety and eliminated the need for anyone to access the roof for cleaning or maintenance purposes. The task was successfully accomplished using KTV Working Drone. KTV […]

Facade and window cleaning in Oslo

KTV Working Drone

Our Oslo branch recently performed facade and window cleaning using KTV Working Drone for Eiendomsspar on one of their beautiful properties in Oslo. Eiendomsspar is one of Norway’s leading real estate companies, known for the high quality of their properties and prime locations throughout the country. KTV Working Drone Oslo covers the areas and demand […]