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De-icing wind turbines in Finland with KTV Working Drone

KTV Working Drone de-icing

KTV Working Drone Finland have made significant progress in the de-icing of wind turbines. This week, the first wind turbine was successfully de-iced in Finland. With turbines reaching heights of 160 meter, the power industry faces a major challenge during the winter months when ice build-up can lead to substantial loss off electric power. There […]

Cleaning a 112 meter high-rise building in Oslo Norway

Drone cleaning building

KTV Working Drone is the only company that has developed cleaning technology and safe methods for drones to clean facades in cities. The video shows the start of cleaning a 112 meter high-rise building in the middle of Norway’s largest city Oslo. Cities have a more complex ‘drone work environment’ with challenging turbulence, frequencies and […]

Algae treatment and facade cleaning with KTV Working Drone Denmark

KTV Working Drone

KTV Working Drone Denmark performed algae treatment and facade cleaning of over 11,000 m2 for Nilpeter A/S in Denmark last weekend. Nilpeter was looking for a solution that prioritized safety and eliminated the need for anyone to access the roof for cleaning or maintenance purposes. The task was successfully accomplished using KTV Working Drone. KTV […]

KTV Working Drone performs window cleaning on one of Bergen’s tallest buildings

Entra, one of Norway’s largest and leading property companies, needed window cleaning of its beautiful glass building at Nonnesetergaten 4 in Bergen, Norway. We are very pleased to have been given this task and to be able to carry it out with KTV Working Drone. The video shows footage from the job. During the job, […]