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Start-up in 27 countries

It’s now 15 months since we introduced and launched the KTV Working Drone franchise concept to the world. Already, 27 country partners have signed agreements, and we receive several inquiries every single day. By the end of 2023, we expect to sign another 10-20 country partners.

Naturally, we are experiencing a great deal of interest among major players in the real estate industry on how we effectively solve facade and window cleaning without the need for personnel working at heights. Apart from the safety aspect, the drone is tremendously efficient, and the usage of our self-developed cleaning methods results in significant cost savings.

For KTV Working Drone, the focus now is on realizing the full potential in every country and leveraging the enormous progress and development we are driving. Conservative estimates indicate that thousands of new jobs will be created in drone work and for drone operators worldwide in the coming years. We are proud of what we have achieved in a short period and incredibly excited about what the future holds for KTV Working Drone.

The video above is our first TikTok video which now have close to 7 million views and 120 thousand likes. Other videos shared by big YouTubers like Supercar Blondie has multimillion views. We are very thankfull for all our followers and the sharing of out content.