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The Evolution of High Rise Window & Facade cleaning has Arrived

Up until now high rise window and facade cleaning has only been done by professional cleaning companies who specialice in abseiling, skylifts, and for smaller buildings have expensive scaffolding implemented or the use of boom and/or other lifting equipment. It has been said that high rise window cleaning is one of the six most dangerous professions. Furthermore due to the expense these tasks are done less frequently leaving windows becoming dirty for longer periods of time.

With the innovation of KTV Working Drone and the development of this solution using drones eliminates the need for abseilers with rope access and skylifts making it a safer, more efficient and cost effective solution than the tradition methods


KTV Working Drone are now being implemented commercially globally  for window and facade cleaning and currently are in development to evolve the solutions to painting with drones in the coming months.

For now we have commercialised the use for  window cleaning where  it can achieve up to 1500 square meters per hour utilising the KTV Working Drone eco friendly (when mixed with 75% water) solution SelfCleaner. It can also be used with a full eco-friendly solution of pure water of up to 500square meters per hour.

KTV Working Drone is in further development to achieve heights of beyond 100m+ and give capacity to massive 600 meters in elevation 

Advantages using KTV Working Drone

For Facade and window cleaning we use two methods

  1. If the facade is traditionally dirty the drone applies a solution SelfCleaner by foaming it onto the facade with low pressure. The SelfCleaner agent is a special formulated cleaner that was developed and used since 2015 by our parent company KTV Group. If the buildings haven’t been cleaned and/or are extremely dirty the process is to clean the facade and windows with the clean-watern method.

  2.  The clean-water method is in short, purified water with reverse osmosis, heated to 70 degrees, and applied with high pressure by the  KTV Working Drone. This means the cleaning of windows is eco-friendly being cleaned without chemicals and windows stay cleaner over time. It also eliminates the risk of surface wear such as streaks caused by the more traditional , more dangerous manual cleaning methods.

Solar Cell panel

This method Does not harm the Panel surface

Our method developed for window cleaning is perfect for cleaning solar cell panels and this method will not harm the surface.

A major advantage of this method is that the surfaces will stay clean longer than from traditional cleaning and there is no risk of streaks.


KTV Working Drone evolved out of the KTV Group which was founded in 1992 by Kennet Nilsen. KTV Group have more than 30 years experience with facade and window cleaning and are experts in their field.

KTV Working Drone originated from an idea to find an innovative and efficient way to clean facades and windows. This was back in 2015. A lot of mods were needed to make the drone work properly for cleaning, also commercial. Fast forward the result is a unique drone with tailor-made and uniquely adapted mounting equipment with specially designed cleaning equipment. A patent pending safety solution to prevent the drone from falling down during operation is also developed.

The drone has been extensively tested and commercialized for window and facade cleaning, and has been used operationally since 2020 by the KTV Group in Norway.

In 2022, KTV Working Drone was ready and the commercialising process started. Today KTV Working Drone is established almost all over the world, and the partner network is growing rapidly.

The future holds many opportunities for development for KTV Working Drone. We think our drones soon will be able to do small repairs, special inspections and even surface treatment.

Enquire Today

If you’re a building owner, developer, building management company, cleaning company with high rise window cleaning contracts or needs  and you’re looking at lowering the costs and creating a safer and more secure way of having this service done then KTV Working Drone has a solution for you. 

KTV Working Drone has many ways that we can provide this service directly and indirectly and we work with many different companies to contract this service. Whether you’re a direct client  looking for a once off service, a building company looking for longer term fixed term contracts, a developer and building owner looking at reducing costs or are just curious and want to explore this technology to see how it can better work for you.  Reach out , get in touch and one of our team will assist you to find the best cost effective and safer solution to your high rise cleaning needs

Our Safety

For the management of KTV Working Drone safety is of the utmost importance. The primary goal foremost is to ensure that all staff, partners, and franchises comply with KTV Working Drones safety policy at all times to assure safe operations all the time mitigating risks to bringing the brand into disrepute or litigation.

KTV Working Drone implements the necessary safety procedures / precautions according to the safety standards that have been implemented and outlined  in the company’s  global safety policy that includes but not limited to the following;

  • To minimise our impact on the environment
  • Not to harm or disturb uninvolved persons
  • Not to inflict damage to property, buildings, vehicles and other assets
  • To always operate according to the european GDPR and other global privacy policies to treat information with respect and care and to conform to such policies.

KTV Working Drone will operate according to the well established culture in aviation. By learning, developing and adapting our service we will strive for positive growth for the brand and the industry.