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With over 30 years of experience with facade and surface treatment the team at KTV has evolved through innovation and a specialist team to develop new methods to performing the best of class facade, window and industrial cleaning.

Our latest cutting edge development is the KTV Working Drone. Since the beginning of 2022 KTV Working Drone is the first company globally to commercialize operations utilising drones for cleaning and painting at heights. KTV Working Drone now has its own brand and identity which is being expanded globally through a partnership program which has allowed us to expand to new markets very quickly.

The benefits for the KTV working drone are endless, however it was designed initially to service better, safer and provide more efficient ways to clean facades, windows, solar panels at heights and much more.

With extensive testing since 2020 KTV Working Drone commercialized the operation and has been in use every day with over 300 000 m2 of facade and 10 000 windows being cleaned thus far, under the all sorts of conditions which include the following

  • wind speeds of 12-15m/sec 
  • rain – temperatures as low as 1- 2 degrees Celsius 
  • heights of up to 50 meters

Thanks to specially designed adapters that have been developed has been a game charger where the KTV Working Drone can clean 5 to 10 times faster than traditional manual cleaning methods without the potential strain injuries of workers or the need for expensive and time consuming scaffolding, skylifts or other height equipment.

For Window Cleaning the team developed a no contact, no brush chemical free process utilizing a specially designed nozzle which when applied with clean hot water provides equal to and better than some other more traditional contact-based methods. These are some of the many invitations that our development team has evolved.

For facade and building cleaning the KTV research and development team developed the SelfCleaner method in 2015. The special formulated self cleaner has been extensively tested since 2015 with over 4 million m2 of cleaning being done on many different types of surfaces.

This chemical method for the KTV working drone has been chosen as it is completely harmless to any surrounding objects including windows, furnishings, clothes etc.

SelfCleaner is formed by a special Nozzle on by the drone and left to dry naturally without the need of rinsing away or the potential of damage that at times is caused with high pressure cleaning. Once self cleaner is applied it starts working on the surface straight away with results being seen within 1 – 2 weeks. The self cleaner continues to work with the results improving over time and the full benefits are usually seen within 4-12 weeks of the surface being treated.

We believe there are no other methods that come close in terms of efficiency and cost to our self cleaner method. It is particular to note in humid climates where mold and fungal algae are present and more common and become potential challenges to controlling mold and fungal buildup, self cleaner is one of the best solutions to controlling such challenging problems. 

For buildings in warmer climates, where dust is the main cause we use the pure water window cleaning method.

Licence and approval for operation

Civil and Aviation Regulatory authorities have strict rules in many regions around the world but are essential for working drones like the drone KTV working drone has developed. After many years of field testing, the drafting and implementation of the safety and operational procedures together with a start of the art crm business system (BlueTag) KTV Working Drone is providing all the operational and procedural manuals allow us to comply with all relevant authorities in each of the countries KTV working Drone is establishing. 

KTV Working Drone is now registered with operating license for flying close to buildings and structures and doing this type of work. This license is extended to all countries and is assigned to the country partner upon execution of our exclusive country partnership agreement which is essential to the successful operation in the given country 

KTV working Drone Team will work with the relevant Civil aviation authority in each country to assure the approval of the license in the given country and is part of our country partnership agreement. In Norway where the KTV Working Drone was first established and commercialized, it has gained great interest and has already been implemented by various government departments who subsequently engaged KTV Working Drone to provide services to state-owned buildings including the prime minister building and Norwegian Government Quarter. 


BlueTag is a state of the art business system incorporating all aspects managing the business operations, safety procedures and risk analysis that are required by all civil aviation authorities and forms part of the procedures in the operation manuals that all drone pilots must adhere to. This is a mandatory requirement to conduct this type of drone operation under our specified license to operate.

Only approved and accredited partners through our partnership model will be able to provide this service and be given access to all the tools required to operate.. KTV Group developed the Blue Tag system over the past 15 years and proven reliability with 99.9% uptime and forms part of the inclusions of the partnership model.

The Bluetag system has been further developed to scale operation worldwide and has been tailored for this type of business and drone operations, With our own in-house development team and project managers our continued support and development is guaranteed to assure continued operations and improvements. The Bluetag System is unique in the sense it was developed as a tool to address shortcomings in service business’s that need to have better control of individual jobs , costs , scheduling and accounting. The Bluetag system also complies and is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Continued and Future development

Our aim for the KTV working Drone brand is to be at the forefront of drone technology , to develop new tools, and evolve the industries we are currently servicing because future-proofing KTV working drone is our goal. Our Marketing team is always looking at developing tools online and in the real world that will drive traffic and continue propelling and supporting our brand and services to prospective clients throughout the globe.

Spray painting

With continued development and new partnerships with paint manufactures we are evolving final testing to having a commercial solution to applying paint with drones. We are hoping to have this launched in 3rd quarter 2022

Higher altitudes

A further solution is undergoing testing to be able to service heights and altitudes of up to 600 meters. We are hoping to have this launched in 3rd-4th quarter 2022


As part of the increased elevation development the use of goggles is being considered where additional safety procedures are being considered as part of this evolution and to comply with local civil and aviation authorities.

Remote Control rooms

Looking beyond 2022, KTV Working Drones is planning to create special control rooms where drone pilots can operate drones all over the world via the internet. Drone Pilots will be able to provide support, provide remote tasks, work safer and be able to provide specialist service to anywhere there is service .

KTV Working Drones R & D team believes that future technology will make this all possible. This would be a great advantage in areas with a lot of noise, high/low temperatures, and other problem areas.

Get Involved and become a KTV working Drone Partner/Franchise/Operator

We are seeking expressions of interest for country partners, Franchises operators in new and existing countries. We get continued new equires every days and have commitments in over 16 countries already

Once a commercial agreement has been executed we provide the following :

  • The drone and all the fitting required to operate the drone for cleaning at heights
  • The required equipment list necessary to operate
  • Assistance and application directly to the countries Civil aviation authority for licencing (country partner ONLY)
  • Licensing for up to ? users on the Bluetag system
  • Ongoing support for technical, projects, sales, operating permits
  • Pilot course and certifications for operations as a KTV working drone operator using the various methods
  • Full UAV operators manual 

Specifications and abilities

The KTV Working Drone is capable of cleaning approx. 1500 square metres of façade per hour with the SelfCleaner method.

For window cleaning with the clean water method, the drone is capable of approx. 500 square metres per hour.

The Costs

If you like to find out more and get involved regardless if you are seeing to be a country partner, Drone Operator or would like to explore opportunities how this can work for you, read further down and click the link/button on the bottom of the page.

Our Partnership and exclusive master Licence/Franchise are assigned the right for a country where they will become engaged to develop the country for KTV Working Drone and build a network of operators within local areas and territories within the given country.

Our goal is to grow the market world wide , provide the safety and operational procedures we have learned and its more than just acquiring a drone for this type of service. Unlike many other Drone operations the KTV working Drone, the drone is only a small part of the whole solution and requires more detail and more compliance than other types of drone work. 

After a lot of research , operational challenges in the beginning and other considerations we learned and to further maintain the safety protocols required by the authorities we decided this need to be introduced as a whole business model not just selling drones and equipment. 

We believe we have established a solid foundation with our model to market , have become an authority in the space from the many years in this industry and the development and testing of the solution has given us insights of some challenges many will face to scaling such operations and maintaining the required safety and operational needs.

On the next step, you’ll find more info about the agreement, and what you have to do to move forward entering the agreement…