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Global reach

KTV Working Drone has country branches all over the world and new countries are being added each month; all sharing the same philosophy, safety policies and the same strict controls and procedures in accordance with international quality standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

No matter which country you live in, we have approved operating licenses from the relevant civil and aviation authorities, for operating drones for the purpose of  cleaning buildings. All our franchisee drone operations are fully trained and comply with local civil and aviation laws.

We have a strong focus on HSE and public safety in our work areas. Using drones makes for a safer working environment not only for workers but also for the public.

Current locations for KTV Working Drone

Global locations for KTV Working Drone. More locations added each month



Become Involved in the most innovative Business idea that hasn’t been seen in the cleaning industry in more than 100 years.


In many countries more and more drones are being deployed for different industries and innovation is continuing in many industries. Drones regardless of purpose are being brought into everyday lives regardless if they are flown for fun, military or commercial reasons, the drone market globally is continually growing year in year out.

Utilising a number of solutions, KTV Working Drone is part of this growth commercialising the use of drones for the cleaning industry. By utilising a pure water cleaning system which is not only environmentally friendly but has no residue left behind or has mineral deposits that remain after evaporation. The other benefits of utilising drones for cleaning services is they limit the damages that at times is caused from walking on infrastructure and roofs where at times specialist equipment and scaffolding may be required causing additional expenses, delays and can further increase the need for safety protocols to be put in place.

KTV Working Drones provide a complete contactless solution mitigating the risks from traditional methods. Having a contactless solution can also improve the long jeopardy of building structures where small accidents are at times caused without notice and can lead to repairs in some cases many years on.