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KTV Working Drone achieves high scores on the DGNB sustainability evaluation

Following KTV Working Drone Denmark request from Ramboll, asking if we work in accordance with the DGNB certification, we hired the Danish firm and DGNB consultants Brade Consulting to evaluate our methods and make a report comparing five different cleaning methods.

The DGNB certification is a sustainability certification for buildings that considers three equally important aspects: environmental, economic, and social factors. In simple terms, it involves a thorough analysis of a building’s eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness in maintenance, and benefits for its users. This analysis includes factors such as the life cycle of construction materials, energy and water consumption, and indoor environment.

This certification standard, which originated in Germany in 2008, ensures that modern construction aligns with European standards for sustainable building, promoting a healthier and more sustainable future. DGNB is Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (in English: The German Sustainable Building Council)

Based on these evaluations, buildings are awarded scores in various categories. The overall score can lead to a rating ranging from bronze to platinum, similar to how athletes are awarded medals in the Olympics. KTV Working Drone’s concept scored excelled in almost all criteria. We provide services that benefits buildings from bronze to platinum levels.

All in all, KTV Working Drone scored 151.5 points out of 152.5 points in the general DGNB report. So with this evaluation KTV Working Drone Denmark has proof that our services comply with all the strict sustainability requirements from the DGNB certification.

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The video shows KTV Working Drone Denmark performing window cleaning on a large glass facade in beautiful Aarhus in Denmark.