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High rise facade cleaning

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SelfCleaner Method

The method enables facade cleaning without the use of high-pressure flushing. The special agent SelfCleaner is foamed on the facades with low pressure, and then it’s the weather and wind that cleans the surfaces over a period of 3-4 weeks.

Already after 1-2 weeks you will see clearly visible results, but SelfCleaner continues to work for about 3 months. With this method, high pressure is not used, and this avoids unnecessary wear and tear and does not damage the facades.

Facade cleaning

Many multi-storey buildings create challenges and become demanding for many professional cleaners which must adhere to strict safety protocols making such services complex. Facades come in all sorts of different materials e.g. glass, stone, copper, composite  aluminium sheets, stainless steel which require different methods and requirements  to have them cleaned. 

Environmental friendly solutions are now being sought by many organisations, developers and strata companies  and new government regulations alike and this is why KTV Working Drone solutions are not only safer but can provide many advantages to traditional cleaning methods and is also more efficient and becomes a  quicker task to complete.

Having a clean facade is one of the most important tasks to provide  companies and buildings with a clean environment that meets many of the requirements needed.

KTV Working Drone is now able to provide an alternative to a problem that hasn’t had too many other options other than the more traditional methods to date.

KTV Working Drone is also considered to be worksafe. Working from dangerous heights can be hazardous and utilising this drone technology eliminates the requirements for workers to physically access these heights and the dangerous environments. This makes the fundamentals of this technology being considered to be much safer when working in what is normally a  dangerous environment.

Advantages using KTV Working Drone

Advantages of glass and facade cleaning with KTV Working Drone

Important key facts

1500 sqm/hour
Capacity facade cleaning

500 sqm/hour
Capacity window cleaning

Height 100+ meter
When the drone is fully operational

Flytime 24 hour
With battery case with 8 batteries

7 m/sec
Works in maximum winds of 7 m/s. Up to 15 m/s without equipment

Up to 180 bar pressure
Capacity water pressure

AirSense ADS-B
Advanced flight / collision warning system

Self-heating battery
Provides efficient battery use

-20°C to 50°C
Working temperature range

IP 45
Protected against low pressure water jets

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If you’re a building owner, developer, building management company, cleaning company with high rise window cleaning contracts or needs  and you’re looking at lowering the costs and creating a safer and more secure way of having this service done then KTV Working Drone has a solution for you. 

KTV Working Drone has many ways that we can provide this service directly and indirectly and we work with many different companies to contract this service. Whether you’re a direct client  looking for a once off service, a building company looking for longer term fixed term contracts, a developer and building owner looking at reducing costs or are just curious and want to explore this technology to see how it can better work for you.  Reach out , get in touch and one of our team will assist you to find the best cost effective and safer solution to your high rise cleaning needs