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The world’s first drone cleaning an airport

KTV Working Drone cleaning airport

This week, KTV Working Drone became the world’s first drone to clean an airport. The location was Bergen Airport Flesland in Norway, and the job was cleaning the airport’s large glass facade. The job had to be done at night as consideration had to be given to traffic, travelers, and especially Bergen Light Rail that […]

KTV Working Drone performs window cleaning on one of Bergen’s tallest buildings

Entra, one of Norway’s largest and leading property companies, needed window cleaning of its beautiful glass building at Nonnesetergaten 4 in Bergen, Norway. We are very pleased to have been given this task and to be able to carry it out with KTV Working Drone. The video shows footage from the job. During the job, […]

Develops new method for high-rise buildings

KTV Working Drone Yara

Getting the drone ready for operations in high altitudes was a challenge, but not anymore. KTV Working Drone can now operate and reach almost an unlimited height. A patent application for the method has been submitted and is pending. This new method offers completely new possibilities for cleaning very high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. Skyscrapers can […]

Drone cleaning of appartment building Madam Felle in Bergen

Although it is still early in the season, we have already cleaned several buildings. The video is from one of the jobs. For this job we used KTV Group Cleaning Drone in combination with the SelfCleaner method. This is fast and efficient, and without damaging the facades with high pressure. The facades will be clean […]