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Facade and window cleaning with KTV Working Drone

Fortunately, spring is not far away, and even though the thermometer currently shows 6 degrees below zero, we were recently lucky enough to have a week where we could clean facades and windows with the KTV Working Drone.

We had two drone teams working simultaneously, cleaning a total of 16 buildings. They used the SelfCleaner method for facade cleaning and the pure water method for window cleaning.

The video shows window cleaning of terrace fronts with windows on 5 semi- and high rise buildings just outside of Bergen, Norway.

The KTV Working Drone is a revolution when it comes to possibilities and efficiency in facade and window cleaning. To be able to meet the high demand for the drone, we are working on setting up more drone teams around Norway. More than 100 buildings are waiting for facade and window cleaning.

We’re very excited to begin operations in 23 countries worldwide in 2023.