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De-icing wind turbines in Finland with KTV Working Drone

KTV Working Drone Finland have made significant progress in the de-icing of wind turbines. This week, the first wind turbine was successfully de-iced in Finland.

With turbines reaching heights of 160 meter, the power industry faces a major challenge during the winter months when ice build-up can lead to substantial loss off electric power. There is also a risk of ice falling onto the surrounding terrain, being a great danger for people and animals in the area.

This successful de-icing marks a major success for the company. But the innovation does not stop there. The method developed not only removes ice but also ensures that it doesn’t return. Additionally, a method that can be applied during the summer months to prevent ice build-up for many years is close to completion.

Customers from around the world are lining up for this technology, including offshore oil installations that face similar challenges in terms of health and safety. Furthermore, the KTV Working Drone has also been successful in cleaning wind turbines, further enhancing its capabilities.

Overall, KTV Working Drone’s advancements in de-icing technology are receiving widespread attention and are poised to revolutionize the wind power industry.