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The cleaning of the Icon of the Seas, the world’s biggest cruise ship

In an exciting development for the cruise industry, Royal Caribbean International has partnered with KTV Working Drone Finland to revolutionize the cleaning process on their latest vessel, Icon of the Seas. This magnificent cruise ship, built in Finland, is now setting sail with a state-of-the-art cleaning system that incorporates drones.

Recognizing the need to find a more efficient and safer approach to cleaning tasks, Royal Caribbean sought the expertise of KTV Working Drone. The goal was to minimize risk to personnel while also streamlining the cleaning process. After thorough crew training in Spain, the ship was ready to showcase its cutting-edge cleaning solution.

The innovative technology of these drones allows for easier implementation of complicated and time-consuming cleaning tasks. With four drones dedicated to monitoring and maintaining cleanliness on board, Icon of the Seas is equipped to tackle the most demanding cleaning challenges. These drones will remain stationary and will closely follow the ship as it navigates through various countries.

The feedback on this groundbreaking initiative has been overwhelmingly positive. Royal Caribbean is thrilled with the results and is already planning to incorporate the use of drones in cleaning procedures on their other ships, both existing and future ones. The potential benefits are not limited to cruise ships alone; KTV Working Drone has also been approached by other countries for cleaning solutions in the cargo shipping industry.

The primary focus of this collaboration is to ensure the safety of personnel and facilitate the execution of complex cleaning tasks. By utilizing drones, Royal Caribbean aims to minimize the risks associated with manual labor while enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their cleaning operations.

The successful partnership between KTV Working Drone Finland and Royal Caribbean on the Icon of the Seas project showcases the cruise line’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. This collaboration sets a precedent for other companies in the maritime industry to explore new possibilities for enhancing cleaning techniques and improving the overall onboard experience for passengers.

Both KTV Working Drone and Royal Caribbean express their gratitude for the fruitful collaboration and look forward to the future possibilities that lie ahead. As Icon of the Seas embarks on its maiden voyage, its state-of-the-art cleaning system serves as a testament to the ongoing advancements in the cruise industry and paves the way for a cleaner and safer future at sea.