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Cleaning a 112 meter high-rise building in Oslo Norway

KTV Working Drone is the only company that has developed cleaning technology and safe methods for drones to clean facades in cities. The video shows the start of cleaning a 112 meter high-rise building in the middle of Norway’s largest city Oslo.

Cities have a more complex ‘drone work environment’ with challenging turbulence, frequencies and several other disturbances. So securing the drone so it can’t fall down or damage the buildings, are essential for safe working. This is also where our patent for this comes into play.

In addition to the other listed issues most high-rise buildings are made of steel. Steel also creates a challenging work environment for the working drones, but even in conditions like this, we are proud to say that our pilots can work safe and without risk.

When working on this high-rise building in Oslo, we also carried out a test where we cleaned the first 50 meters from the roof down. The test was a success.

We continue to work with a focus on automated flights and new development of sensor technology that will make such demanding jobs even easier.