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Interested in having your building’s facades or windows cleaned with a drone?


Interested in having your building’s facades or windows cleaned with a drone?

Drone services in Canada

High rise window and facade cleaning

Window cleaning

Meet KTV Working Drone – your partner for cutting-edge high-rise commercial window cleaning. Our innovative drone solution redefines efficiency, prioritizes safety, and ensures swift, impeccable results. No more reliance on traditional methods or risking workers at dangerous heights.

Picture your property – be it an office complex, apartment block, or commercial space – benefiting from a quick, thorough cleaning without the risks associated with human workers navigating dangerous heights. KTV Working Drone eliminates the need for physical access to perilous environments, reducing risks and ensuring a safer working environment.
Incorporating drones into our window cleaning services isn’t just about safety; it’s a stride towards more frequent and proactive maintenance. The efficiency of our drone technology allows for quicker turnaround times, ensuring your property looks its best without disrupting your business operations.

Facade cleaning

By taking a proactive approach to cleaning with our working drones, you can safeguard your property against the wear and tear caused by environmental factors. Regular and thorough cleaning prevents the buildup of dirt and pollutants, extending the life of your building materials and finishes.

Revolutionize multi-storey building cleaning with KTV Working Drone – the safer, eco-friendly solution for pristine facades. Our drone technology eliminates the need for risky methods, specialized skills, and adhering to stringent safety protocols. As government regulations and eco-conscious organizations seek efficient alternatives, KTV Working Drone rises in popularity. Enjoy quicker, more efficient cleaning without traditional hassles. Elevate your building’s hygiene standards with our innovative, effective approach, ensuring a safe and accident-free solution at dangerous heights. Choose KTV Working Drone for a cleaner, safer future.

Advantages using KTV Working Drone

Drone cleaning in Halifax

Enhance Your Property Values

We understand that each property has unique needs. Our team is dedicated to crafting customized solutions that align with the specific requirements of your asset. From architectural nuances to specialized surfaces, our KTV Working Drones are equipped to handle the façade of your property with precision.

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KTV Working Drone Canada

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Window & façade cleaning with drones

The evolution of high rise window & façade cleaning has arrived

Up until now high rise window and facade cleaning has only been done by professional cleaning companies who specialise in abseiling, skylifts, and for smaller buildings have expensive scaffolding implemented or the use of boom and/or other lifting equipment. It has been said that high rise window cleaning is one of the six most dangerous professions. Furthermore due to the expense these tasks are done less frequently leaving windows becoming dirty for longer periods of time.





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