BlueTag is a state of the art business system incorporating all aspects managing the business operations, safety procedures and risk analysis that are required by all civil aviation authorities and forms part of the procedures in the operation manuals that all drone pilots must adhere to. This is a mandatory requirement to conduct this type of drone operations.

Only approved and accredited partners through our franchise model will be able to provide this service and be given access to all the tools required to operate. KTV Group developed the BlueTag system over the past 15 years and proven reliability with 99.9% uptime and forms part of the inclusions of the franchise model.

The Bluetag system has been further developed to scale operation worldwide and has been tailored for this type of business and drone operations, With our own in-house development team and project managers our continued support and development is guaranteed to assure continued operations and improvements.

The Bluetag System is unique in the sense it was developed as a tool to address shortcomings in service business’s that need to have better control of individual jobs, costs, scheduling and accounting. The Bluetag system also complies and is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

BLUETAG ® is a registered trademark


  • Offer module with automatic follow-up.
  • Newsletter module for customers and suppliers.
  • Sales module for automatic dispatch.
  • Customer cards with easy sharing of accounts receivable.
  • Supplier card with easy sharing of accounts receivable.
  • Document storage, where you can create your own folders.
  • Presentation folder.
  • Online store.
  • Cloud storage of video and images.



  • Order system with sales, purchase, deviation, risk, checklists, reports, create folders, finance.
  • Automated project accounting.
  • Quotation module with templates where you can insert video, images, documents, and text.
  • Quotation/offers are sent as links to customers.
  • Automatic sending of links to customers to follow the job live with job reports, images, checklists, risk analyses, drone logs, etc.
  • Overview of all teams daily.
  • Pilot module with all history with flight logs.
  • Drone module with all history – who was the pilot, service, and drone logs etc.
  • Module for long-term agreements.
  • Procedure module with risk analyses + video, images.
  • Deviation module.
  • Statistics module.



  • Payroll module.
  • Time stamping via app.
  • Reporting, procedures, risks, checklists via the app.
  • Hiring new employees with automatic registration and signing.
  • Easy registration of contractors or shareholders.
  • Overview of sick leave.
  • Holiday calendar.
  • You can control all permissions/rights in the system – who should have access to what.


  • Premium paid CHATGPT version.
  • Intranet with news, manuals, training, and other important operation information.



  • BLUETAG ® is a registered trademark
  • Special settings for each module where you can customize everything as you wish.
  • System is cloud based with access from anywhere.
  • Secure and backed up data, never lose critical data.
  • The system is developed to comply with ISO standards ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001.


  • Customer invoice with automatic reminders.
  • Supplier invoice with file sharing to the bank.
  • Requisition overview.
  • Integrated bank
  • Automated bank reconciliation.
  • VAT module.
  • Profit balance where you can check all entries from the system live.
  • Accounting for the auditor.



  • Overview of own jobs.
  • Access to procedures.
  • Own email module with tagging options for jobs, deviations, customers, suppliers.
  • You can easily forward emails to others.
  • Task module.
  • Academy module.
  • Organizational chart.



  • Module to edit company information.
  • Possibility to edit email templates.
  • Language settings where you can choose different languages worldwide.
  • Editable supplier agreement.
  • Ability to create new email addresses automatically.
  • Ability to save other websites.
  • Edit personnel handbook/HSE/health and safety.
  • 2750 words in the system can be changed to personalize it.


BLUETAG ® is a registered trademark. Copyright © All rights reserved