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Announcing new country partner agreement for Iraq

KTV Working Drone is happy to announce that we have signed a new country partner agreement for Iraq. The partner agreement covers the development of KTV Working Drone operations in Iraq.

In Iraq, the development of drone technology has gained significant momentum lately. Local engineers and innovators in Iraq are actively involved in designing and manufacturing drones tailored to meet diverse needs in the country’s different industries.

The Iraqi government has recognized the strategic importance of drone technology and has allocated resources towards research and development initiatives in this field. Collaboration between academia and industry has led to the emergence of a good and future-oriented drone development

With a focus on innovation and adaptation, Iraqi drone developers are exploring new applications and refining existing designs to address evolving challenges effectively.

KTV Working Drone is excited to be a part of the development in Iraq, and drones are expected to play an increasingly important role in the years to come. We are looking forward to the start up in 2024.