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KTV Working Drone evolved out of KTV Group, which was founded in Norway in 1992 by Kennet Nilsen. KTV Group have more than 30 years experience with facade and window cleaning and are experts in their field.

KTV Group developed fast and became a service partner offering service operations for the offshore- and land based industry and real estate, focusing on professional cleaning and surface treatment.

With the founding of the new brand KTV Working Drone in 2022;  KTV Working Drone is the first company to properly commercialise the use of drones in a variety of industries.

Several years have been spent developing equipment, systems and procedures to better be able to service customers in countries all over the world with a unified safer approach.

R & D has always been a central part of the company, and the R & D work will continue together with our partners. Our partners are important for the further development of KTV Working Drone, and through transfer of experience we’ll all learn from each other.

All partners get the opportunity to participate in the continued development of KTV Working Drone and the future opportunities this brings.

Our intention

Our main intention is to do good and improve people’s everyday working life.

We aim to contribute to a safer work day for people who work at great heights with lifts, scaffolding and for facade climbers.

These are physically demanding jobs that cause stress injuries and involve danger every day. KTV Working Drone works specifically to help this group.


KTV Working Drone evolved out of the KTV Group which was founded in 1992 by Kennet Nilsen. KTV Group have more than 30 years experience with facade and window cleaning and are experts in their field.

KTV Working Drone originated from an idea to find an innovative and efficient way to clean facades and windows. This was back in 2015. A lot of mods were needed to make the drone work properly for cleaning, also commercial. Fast forward the result is a unique drone with tailor-made and uniquely adapted mounting equipment with specially designed cleaning equipment. A patent pending safety solution to prevent the drone from falling down during operation is also developed.

The drone has been extensively tested and commercialized for window and facade cleaning, and has been used operationally since 2020 by the KTV Group in Norway.

In 2022, KTV Working Drone was ready and the commercialising process started. Today KTV Working Drone is established almost all over the world, and the partner network is growing rapidly.

The future holds many opportunities for development for KTV Working Drone. We think our drones soon will be able to do small repairs, special inspections and even surface treatment.



  • Spray painting
    With continued development, extended testing and new partnerships with paint manufacturers, we are moving closer to the final testing fase.

  • Higher altitudes
    We have solved the operating height restriction with our patent pending roof safety system. There are no longer limitations on operation height, and we will continue the testing to be able to operate safely in heights and altitudes up to 600 meters and above.

  • Goggles
    As a result of operating in higher altitudes, the use of special flight goggles is being considered and tested.

  • Remote Control rooms
    Looking further, we are  planning to create special control rooms where drone pilots can operate drones all over the world, via the internet. Drone pilots will be able to provide support, provide remote tasks, work safer and be able to provide specialist services anywhere in the world.

    Remote control rooms would be a great advantage in areas with a lot of noise, high/low temperatures, and other problem areas.