KTV Working Drone evolved out of the KTV Group which  was founded in 1992 by Kennet Nilsen. The focus of the KTV group was high-pressure washing. The company developed rapidly and became a service partner with operations in offshore industry and real estate. From the year 2000, the company started offering services in surface treatment and repair. During this period, a number of new products and services were developed by the founder and entrepreneur Kennet Nilsen. 

In more recent years and leading into 2022 and the launching of KTV working Drone Kennet further invested in R & D for the development  of new solutions including what is now the first company globally to scale and commercialize the use of drones for use in the cleaning , paint and industrial coatings industries.  

With the founding of the new Brand KTV Working Drone in 2022;  KTV Working Drone is the first company to properly commercialize the use of drones in a variety of industries and the team has spend the past 6 months evolving systems and procedures to better service customers in countries all over the world with a unified safer approach through a network of country partners and franchises.


KTV Group first started to use drones commercially in Norway for a new and more innovative way to provide a service for cleaning of windows and facades at heights.

In early 2022  KTV working Drone was founded where it was launched first in  Norway and now internationally.. With unprecedended interest from around the globe  KTV working Drone has quickly been able to establish a footprint in over 16 countries with many more joining the franchise in months to come. 

Development of the KTV Working Drone originated way back in 2015, where many changes were needed to make the drone commercial. KTV Working Drone R&D department has developed and continues to evolve a unique drone with tailor-made and uniquely adapted mounting equipment for us with specially designed cleaning equipment..

The drone has been extensively tested and commercialized for use with window and facade cleaning and has been used operationally since 2020 by the KTV Group in Norway.

Our Safety

For the management of KTV Working Drone safety is of the utmost importance. The primary goal foremost is to ensure that all staff, Partners, and Franchises comply with KTV Working Drones Safety policy at all times to assure safe operations all the time mitigating risks to bringing the brand into disrepute or litigation.

KTV Working Drone implements the necessary safety procedures / precautions according  the safety standards that have been implemented and outlined  in the company’s  global safety policy that includes but not limited to the following;

  • To minimize our impact on the environment
  • Not to harm or disturb uninvolved persons
  • Not to inflict damage to property, buildings, vehicles and other assets
  • To always operate according to the European GDPR and other global privacy policies to treat information with respect and care and to conform to such policies.

KTV Working Drone will operate according to the well established culture in aviation.Together will strengthen from mistakes, continue learning and will always strive to improve our company and brand as a whole.



  • Spray painting
    With continued development and new partnerships with paint manufactures we are evolving final testing to having a commercial solution to applying paint with drones. We are hoping to have this launched in 3rd quarter 2022

  • Higher altitudes
    A further solution is undergoing testing to be able to service heights and altitudes of up to 600 meters. We are hoping to have this launched in 3rd-4th quarter 2022

  • Goggles
    As part of the increased elevation development  the use of goggles is being considered where additional safety procedures are being considered as part of this evolution and to comply with local civil and aviation authorities.

  • Remote Control rooms
    Looking beyond 2022, KTV Working Drones is  planning to create special control rooms where drone pilots can operate drones all over the world via the internet. Drone Pilots will be able to provide support, provide remote tasks, work safer and be able to provide specialist service to anywhere there is service.

  • KTV Working Drones R & D team believes that future technology will make this all  possible. This would be a great advantage in areas with a lot of noise, high/low temperatures, and other problem areas.



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